Canterbury, NH Building Needs Committee - 2001

Minutes of Meeting
– February 19, 2003 –
(as reported by Secretary Billie Richert)



Meeting February 19, 2003 at 7:00 p.m. at the Parish House.


Kent Ruesswick, Chairman

Mike Capone – Selectmen representative
Charlie Cook
Bob Fife
Ken Gordon
Gordon Jackson
Billie Richert
Jeremy Slayton


The Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Kent reviewed the activities for this coming Saturday’s public meeting. Committee members will do the same as last time and follow same format. Kent will read something and Ken will read report from last time. Beth is to print copies of the handout for distribution. Kent explained to Ken that the questions had been reordered in the Questions and Answers handout and that the issue of water (on the Robinson’s property) was addressed. Kent asked everyone to be at the Parish House at 9:30 this coming Saturday to help set up chairs, etc. Mike said that Eric indicated he would produce article for the Concord Monitor.

Kent then reviewed the results of the past Saturday’s Open House. About 50 to 60 people had come through Town Hall. Kent stated that basically those attending were all new faces (had not attended last town meeting) including people new to Canterbury.

Jeremy discussed his concern with influential people living in Canterbury that had not attended these functions such as Judy Nelson. Kent said she would not be here for the town vote in March, along with 6 to 8 other people that he knows of.

Kent suggested having these folks speak with others that will be here to vote to communicate their support for the new Municipal Complex.

The committee members then discussed the best way to handle the bulk mailing for reaching the residents prior to the March town meeting. Mike suggested it might be possible to set up a table at the school on Tuesday, March 11th, to help advertise the proposed Municipal Complex. Kent said he would need to talk with Wayne Mann about this to verify what can and cannot be done during a town vote. Charlie said that Wayne was leaving town on February 21st. Kent said he would call him and meet with him when he gets back in town.

Another suggestion for getting the word out was to have a day at the dump but most members felt it would be too cold for that.

Ken suggested approaching residents who have been most vocal in the past and that might be against the proposed Municipal complex. Kent said he would talk with Hughie. Mike said that he seems supportive.

Gordon then asked if there were any news on the capital campaign for the library.

Kent said he hasn’t approached Jeff Leidenger about this.

Kent summarized activities between now and March 14’s town meeting:

Public Meeting – February 22
Letter for general distribution
Day at dump (possibly)
At school on March 11th
And letter writing campaign to Concord Monitor editor

Kent stated that selectmen have voted yes to support the proposal. He also stated that Eric has all pictures digitized so he can email them. Gordon asked are you going to have picture of library for insert. Kent said yes and Gordon said this would be worth a 1000 words. Mike suggested putting library first and Ken said makes sense.

Jeremy asked if the members needed to do anything before Saturday. Kent stated that Beth was going to do 200 to 300 posters/flyers and was hoping to get sidebar in Concord Monitor again.

Kent then asked Charlie how’s church; anything we can do?

Charlie said only concern if we add on to church; trustees pushing construction; they formed a committee to report at annual meeting next year. They are in agreement with concept; church would be grandfathered in for parking lot; retain ownership; for septic, etc. Kent asked if anything else was needed to get word out to church members. Charlie said no; he gets up every Sunday to say a few words.

Jeremy asked if the Committee has funds for bulk mailing if the church can’t include it in their newsletter. Kent stated there was $5000 in the budget.

Kent asked if purchase of Robinson’s land would be first for vote at town meeting and Mike said no, the building would be voted on first as it exceeds $100,000. Mike said both items would be discussed and the voting booths would be open. Mike explained that there needs to be 2/3 ballot vote if we bond land. There are only two things to vote on. Polls must be open one hour if the two items are discussed together; else polls must be open two hours.

Jeremy asked if budget would be discussed first. Mike said no; hopefully we will know before we get to budget.

The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 8:00 p.m.

7:00 p.m., Wednesday, February 26, 2003 at the Sam Lake Building or Town Hall.

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