Canterbury, NH Building Needs Committee - 2001

Minutes of Meeting
– November 21, 2002–
(as reported by Secretary Billie Richert)



Meeting November 21, 2002 at 7:30 PM at Parish House


Kent Ruesswick, Chairman

Kent Ruesswick, Chairman

Kevin Bragg – Historical District Commission
Ken Jordan
Ginger LaPlante – Historical District Commission
Billie Richert
Jeremy Slayton
Ted West

Tom Burke, Sheerr McCrystal Palson (SMP)
Eric Paulson, SMP


Mr. Jordan, acting Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:45 p.m. The Chairman was attending another meeting and will join the meeting later.

Ken was in attendance at the evening’s earlier meeting with SMP and the library committee members. He stated that in general the library committee members liked the conceptual appearance of the proposed library at the existing fire/highway department building. Ken stated that the members had no objections and they had enough interest in the proposal that the CTBN committee could discuss with Eric the next step in refining the proposal.

Eric then presented to the CTBN members the revised plan for the library. Eric began by describing the existing police station building. This building as proposed would comfortably seat sixty (60) for meetings, but Eric suggested limiting to fifty (50). The back of this building would have a bathroom for use in case the library building was closed. There would also be a room for storage off the primary meeting room. Eric felt this facility would be a great place to show films and make presentations. Activities can be boisterous in the proposed meeting/facility room without the noise being heard in the library. This proposed space is comprised of:

Meeting/Activity Room 896 sf
Support Space (storage and bathroom) 252 sf
Total 1,148 sf

Eric then described the proposed library building The breakdown of this proposed space is:

Circulation Desk Area 576 s.f.
Reference/comp 320 s.f.
Bathrooms 128 s.f.
Staff/storage 612 s.f.
Reading areas 1,560 s.f. (seating for 38)
History/archives 576 s.f.
Cross Aisles 880 s.f.
Subtotal 4,652 s.f.

South Stack Area 500 s.f.
Middle Stack Area 330 s.f.
North Stack Area 330 s.f.
Subtotal 1,160 s.f.

Total library square feet 5,812 s.f.

Total square feet for both buildings 6,960 s.f.

Circulation desk is placed in the building so person can observe entire library space. Eric took features in existing plans obtained from the library committee members and incorporated the following:

Director space
Technical service area with computer access
Covered walkway
Computer access near circulation desk
Seating for 38 visitors to read books at same time
Local history and archives at end of L
Closable front cases for rare items
Microfilm reader
Historical town records
Sensitive information under lock and key
Exit at end of building
Free standing; double sections
Metal, adjustable shelves with counter tops
Different heights
Modular – can buy 3 foot high shelves and extend later

Storage in proposed library is sufficient for 11,000 volumes with 21,000 volume capacity if 7 foot shelves are used.

Eric described the layout using the required three feet for aisles and two feet for stacks. For ADA compliance there must be 36 inches between aisles and 42 inches at end to wheel around stacks.

Eric was asked if he included a new roof and he stated he understood the flat roof there was reasonably new and he would leave that rather than adding a pitch roof, which he favors, if the existing roof is new.

Eric described heating needs would be for entire building as proposed, and was then asked how much is the Town saving by using the existing buildings rather than starting new construction. Eric stated maybe _ of total. Eric noted that the library committee members concluded that with this proposal they were obtaining more space for about the same amount of money.

Jeremy then asked how Eric knew cost. Eric stated that with no site excavation, etc., the cost would be around $75 to $100 a square foot X 6000 square feet, or about $600,000.

Kevin asked if this number included furniture and shelves and Eric said no, that library shelving was not inexpensive and that there is a secondary market for such items. Painting shelving any color is also possible. However, nothing prevents the Town from opening the Library regardless of the furniture and shelving immediately available.

Kevin again asked if this estimate were being compared with the same items previously defined by the library committee members. Eric responded he needed to do a detail cost analysis and that he would not advertise the $600,000.

Jeremy then asked if Eric had this (proposed library) configuration within the Town Center proposed layout. Eric said he did and then presented to the Committee the proposed Town Center layout with the proposed library replacing the existing life safety buildings.

Eric pointed out that with this new layout, the church and library could share parking. Ginger noted she would rather not see parking but a softer grade leading to the Historical Society building so that there can be activities held outside with easier access.

There was some discussion then about the ‘green’ area in front of the store and how it was preferable to have more green in this area and reduce the confusion in traffic flow. Ginger noted that road in front of store is owned by the store.

Kevin then noted he would like to see the pond used more with perhaps some gravel parking in the vicinity. Ginger noted the pond needed some work to make it more easily accessible and conducive to community activities.

Ken asked Eric if there were enough information to go to Cobb Hill to get numbers for the proposed library. Eric stated he thought so.

Ted asked if the grades within the proposed library were even and Jeremy stated there was an 8” difference. Eric then stated he would make a topping slab rather then do carpentry to make the inside of the entire building one level. Eric said that the grader bay would be removed and this end of building would be made to look like rest of building with windows. The library committee members had expressed the desire for more light and this is the reason for the grader bay removal.

Jeremy asked about the purpose of the continuous porch around the front and side of the proposed library connecting to the old police building and if this were for ADA compliance. Eric said it was not but strictly to transform the garage building into a more pleasant looking library.

Jeremy asked if the second meeting area were necessary since the Town Hall and Sam Lake building have space.

Ginger stated the Library (folks) feel they need space for children programs, etc., and that the Historical Society needs space as well.

Kevin suggested that this new additional space can be a youth center for the community and Ken suggested that it be developed as such and not really part of the library.

Ken asked Eric how much time was required to obtain costs.

Eric stated there is an issue of Cobb Hill waiting in the wings; they participated on Town Hall; they’re concern is that they would do a lot of leg work. They need to be assured.

Ken stated that Cobb Hill could compete for the job; can’t say they have it.

Jeremy then asked if the work for Town Hall is set.

Ken stated that Kent has the information on that and will review with us when he joins the meeting tonight.

Kevin asked if the library committee members were open to the plans as presented. Ken replied that he had asked if ‘we can develop numbers’ and the library committee members said very much so. Approach was in refinement.

Ginger asked how the proposed meeting room compared to the Town Hall meeting room. Eric stated it was about the size of Town Hall; 50 versus 100 people.

More discussion on the green area of the proposed Town Center ensued.

The Chairman joined the meeting at 8:30 p.m.

Ken then asked Eric if he could have numbers in 1 _ weeks. Eric stated that there were a couple of approaches but if they were given a week to refine plan with library information then in 2 more weeks they could have numbers.

Kent asked Eric if he needed more detail on the proposed Life Safety Building and Eric said yes, to clarify.

Some discussion ensued on when public hearings should commence and Kent stated they needed to try to get some in before Christmas; maybe after church.
Ken suggested having some meetings during the day to facilitate folks who may find it impossible to come at night.

Kent then presented the other proposal submitted on the Town Hall addition. This proposal was obtained from Mike Cody and was for $80,000. Kent stated that Mike could not begin work on the addition, however, until spring. Cobb Hill could begin immediately.

Ginger asked if the Committee had the money. Kent replied that there is $60,000 and that Cobb Hill talked about doing a portion of the required work on the Town Hall addition for that. For Cody we would have to get Town approval.

Ted indicated he agreed to go ahead with Cobb Hill but felt people may have issues.

Eric stated that the level of service from Cobb Hill is higher. Asked for clarification, Eric stated that Cobb Hill will be paid for (the preparation of) cost numbers in the future for any work that is going to bid.

Ted stated that he understood, then, that we accept Cobb Hill for Town Hall and paying Cobb Hill to price out Library and Life Safety Building.

Ken stated that Cobb Hill needed to firm up numbers; also we can get something done to show progress at next town meeting.

Kevin agreed with this.

The Chairman then called for a vote on having Cobb Hill do work on the Town Hall addition after looking at the budget again with Cobb Hill; and to seek approval from the selectmen.

There was a unanimous vote of approval for this.

Before the meeting was adjourned, Eric confirmed to the committee that Cobb Hill can still do the project this fall.

The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 8:50 p.m.


Tuesday, December 3, 2002, 7:00 p.m. at Parish House.

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