Canterbury, NH Building Needs Committee - 2001

Minutes of Meeting
– November 5, 2002–
(as reported by Secretary Billie Richert)



Meeting November 5, 2002 at 7:00 PM at Sam Lake House


Kent Ruesswick, Chairman

Beth Blair
Kevin Bragg – Historical District Commission
Charlie Cook
Bob Fife
Ken Jordan
Ginger LaPlante – Historical District Commission
Billie Richert
Jeremy Slayton

Dale Caswell, Canterbury Fire Chief
Gwen Deurell, Canterbury Chief of Police
Phil Stone, Canterbury Road Agent
Jim, Highway Department

Tom Burke, SMP
Eric Paulson, Sheerr McCrystal Palson (SMP)


Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. He began the meeting by asking Eric to review the proposed plans for the Town’s Life Safety Building (complex) to be built on the Robinson’s property that is under a purchase and sale agreement.

Eric distributed copies of the plans and square foot summary to the attendees. The primary site ideas presented were:

Revised plans reflect office/facilities centered within complex rather
than at ends of complex

Can add a couple of bays in future; did not want to redo roads; that is why complex is organized as is.

Build complex back from road a bit for future expansion and from neighbors’ view.

Allow visitors to easily find public front of complex

Salt and sand piles stored behind complex

25’x24’ Kitchen next to meeting/training room

All facilities on ground floor – more economical and accessible

After parking, each department’s personnel can have own entrance to complex

Significant attic space – future uses could be weight room and
offices, etc. Elevator access would be needed for office access.

Roof outside garage for cover

Covered porch in front of complex to add to overall ‘barn look’ effect

Public is limited to front of complex in the receptionist area

Eric indicated he had received comments about the need for parking for fire department personnel in back near the garage area. He stated that he had the least information about the needs of the Highway Department.

Dale commented that he liked the proposed plans very much.

Eric stated that complex could be used for future events and meetings, as well.

Eric then reviewed the square footage of proposed complex. Total finished space would be 7,844 square feet (sf) and garage space would be 7,920 sf for a total of 15,764 sf. Potential attic space would be 4,706 sf. Breakdown of total square footage is:

Fire Department 5,204 (1,204 finished; 4,000 garage)
Police Department 3,016 (2,296 finished; 720 garage/sally port)
Highway Department 3,920 (720 finished; 3,200 garage)
Common Space 2,384
Shared Safety Space 1,240

Total 15,764

Eric explained that to have more space in attic, open trusses could be used. There are two stairways for egress to the attic. Design allows each department convenient access to upstairs.
Eric stated that project as proposed is not an inexpensive project.

Kent asked about cost savings of attic trusses versus open trusses.

Eric stated not much cost savings. Don’t even have to finish attic area but need to provide for future ‘floor weight’ support if anticipated future use.

Eric then asked for comments and questions.

Kent asked about future elevator needs in plans.

Eric said actual space area for elevator is small but not specifically located in plans at this time.

Kent asked if elevator area should be provided for.

Eric replied that an elevator shaft for later use could be planned.

Charlie asked why not provide for wheelchair lift?

Eric said that a wheelchair lift could be appropriate depending on use of upstairs.

Eric stated he had gone as far as he could with plans until he receives input and feedback.

Dale again expressed how he loved the concept and that the design looks like Canterbury. Dale discussed the Loudon complex having four bays in front and rear and that the Fire Department preferred a similar complex. Bays are drive through but really are backed into not driven through. Dale explained this gives a lot of flexibility to put ladder truck in one end and small forestry truck at the other end. Easier to do back to back vehicles. Dale suggested joining garage to the complex rather than being separated.

Eric explained that bays are now forty (40) feet; if we go eighty (80) feet, can’t do pitch roof; would be a very flat roof.

Dale then asked Eric to take look at picture of Holderness Life Safety Building for idea of what Fire Department is looking for.

Eric stated that bays are 12’ wide for each slot – could put a gable roof.

Dale said that they are basically seeing 14’ wide by 14’ high bays.

Jeremy asked how many bays are needed.

Dale explained that there are currently five bays and six vehicles; and that the department personnel need to do decontamination and having a facility to cleanup near bunks and gear storage would be great.

Jeremy asked how best to reroute the Highway Department traffic and Phil indicated that it doesn’t matter how his department personnel enter facility.

Ted indicated there is a concern about privately owned vehicles (pov) colliding with trucks and other equipment.

Eric said that speed bumps could be installed around the complex.

Jim offered that there will be a lot more traffic with new complex and need a better flow of traffic to eliminate cross-traffic.

Gwen suggested having an authorized vehicle only area.

Ted suggested having convex mirrors at ends of complex building.

Ginger asked about arriving fire personnel conflicting with leaving personnel.

Beth asked how often this happens.

Jeremy replied that it could happen.

Dale offered that the new complex would be a wonderful recruiting tool for getting new volunteers.

Ted suggested having a mirror image of existing plan would facilitate arriving fire department personnel.

Eric said he had thought about that, but did the existing design for growth potential.

Beth suggested that with shorter bays for the Fire Department, traffic access to and around complex might not be an issue.

Eric indicated this is something to be considered.

Ginger asked if Dale saw an issue with school and traffic with new complex.

Dale indicated he did not and he was not aware of any regulation about being too close to a school.

Gwen asked about men and women showers in new facility and Eric confirmed there were.
Dale said the proposed Emergency Management Center Room is a good idea for the safety of community and asked about plans for an exterior pad to support generator to run complex in case of emergencies.

Gwen expressed it was important that plans included an area for juvenile processing.

Eric said his firm has seen other projects use blocks and two layers of _” plywood for roof for a soundproof room.

Eric asked if there was any concern about paper file access and Gwen stated it was a matter of locking up files.

Gwen asked about having water and drains in police car bays and Eric confirmed they were included in plans.

Eric explained there is a pass-through area for weapons in booking room.

Phil then stated the Highway Department needs 16’ wide by 40’ deep bays especially when sander and plow are on trucks.

Dale said it would be nice to have a wet bay to share among departments that would be used to clean equipment.

Ted asked if water can go into septic and Eric said it could not. Some discussion of drainage requirements ensued.

Bob commented that Highway Department office seems large. Charlie offered that the area could be divided up into office space and a tool room.

Kent asked about fuel dump and where would it go in plans.

Phil said his department uses the most fuel and they are looking for expansion for recycling.

Bob asked about leach field.

Eric stated shouldn’t be a problem as area is already cleared.

Ted stated that the land was pitched away from road right now.

Eric referred to salt shed in plans and that it could be open in front for access and asked Phil if they have racks/separators now. Phil said that they have four currently.

Jim asked if we can limit access to salt and sand and Eric said yes.

Eric explained how there is plenty of green space for future use in front of complex.

Beth asked what regular hours of complex would be and would a person be there for all three departments.

Dale said there would be a person shared. Gwen stated that the Police Department currently has someone 5 hours a day right now and that they can come up with 3 more hours for all departments.

Dale stated he believed there was not a need for such a large waiting room. Eric said he could revise plans to allow for 2 or 3 seats.

Gwen stated there is a need for people to come in and complete paper work for gun permits.

Dale commented that new meeting room could also be used for CPR courses.

Bob asked if there were columns next to bay doors and Eric said yes.

Eric then advised the Committee that consideration needs to be given to whether the complex is going to have a sprinkler system and if so a reservoir is needed for the water and this will impact cost. Discussion of sources for water ensued.

The roof for the new building was discussed. Ken said that roof must match church and other buildings in town center. Kent then asked what a metal roof would cost. Eric stated that a material costs are a little more, but the labor costs are much higher in installing such a roof versus a shingle roof. Kent asked about life cycle. Eric stated he would need to cost out, but metal will be indefinite; proper installation of screws is the issue.

Eric agreed to redo the plans based upon tonight’s input.

Bob asked what the Historical District Commission had to say and Ginger said they have not seen the plans.

Ted said we need to think what we can cut after we fine-tune plans.

Jeremy asked Eric about heating system he envisioned. Eric suggested build in growth by using a modular system similar to approach used by schools. A heated slab would be pricey.

Dale stated they are not adding more vehicles but are changing the type of vehicles acquired so this reduces the number of potential bays needed.

Dale stated that the plans look good, similar to a farm site with gabled ends, and that the complex combining three departments is a good package to put up for vote.

The Chairman then asked Dale if the available monies, $16,000 - $17,000, for fire doors could now be used for the Town Hall addition and Dale said yes and that he had already offered this to the selectmen.

Kent then asked Eric to attend next week’s meeting with the library folks.

The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 8:20 p.m.


7:00 p.m., Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at the Parish Hall in the Canterbury Town Center.

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