Canterbury, NH Building Needs Committee - 2001

Minutes of Meeting
– October 30, 2002–
(as reported by Secretary Billie Richert)



Meeting October 30, 2002 at 7:00 PM at Sam Lake House


Kent Ruesswick, Chairman

Beth Blair
Kevin Bragg – Historical District Commission
Mike Capone – Selectmen representative
Charlie Cook
Bob Fife
Gordon Jackson
Ginger LaPlante – Historical District Commission
Billie Richert
Jeremy Slayton


Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Steve Atherton of Cobb Hill Construction (CHC) was present to provide his company’s bid for the work on the Town Hall addition. Steve stated his numbers were based on the Construction Document Package (CDP) as revised. This document reflects revisions resulting from the combined Historical District Commission (HDC) and public hearing meeting held on Tuesday, October 29, 2002.

Steve stated that CHC could provide a water-tight building for about $135/square foot or a total cost between $56,000 and $57,000 comprised of the following:

All concrete foundation
Framing entire addition
Bead board soffett
Wood windows
Doors and frames
Painting exterior

Steve estimates the cost of removing and replacing existing septic system at $525 or less. He believes attempting to save the existing tank might not work as often times these very old systems just crumple when attempting to move them.

Steve also stated that framing versus concrete for the ramp (24’ X 5’) would be a wash as he would still need to dig four (4) feet deep.

Gordon still feels concrete is better for the Town than white oak wood as concrete would match rest of building, and last much longer.

Kevin stated that the ramp cannot be concrete based upon the regulations as discussed in last night’s HDC’s meeting.

Steve said that the initial price range he quoted of $100,000 to $110,000 would probably be around $90,000 to $95,000 for the entire addition.

Steve stated that it would cost an additional $4,500 to ‘punch through’ for doors between the existing Town Hall building and the addition. This work requires removing existing piece of granite; remove stairs; rejoist; add walls; and install stairs to basement. This work would allow entry from front of Town Hall and an exit in the back of the building (new addition) for fire and other safety considerations.

Steve stated that there is no asphalt in these numbers.

Jeremy asked if the numbers included the ramp work and Steve said ‘yes’; however, Steve stated that the numbers do not include any plumbing, electric, insulation or drywall.

The Chairman then discussed with the Committee the existing budget for the Town Hall addition. There is $30,000 available for providing new fire station doors. Adding new doors to existing Life Safety Building (LSB) may not make sense based upon the new LSB proposed on the newly acquired Robinson’s property.

Mike stated he doesn’t think it’s a big deal but that Fire Department needs to be included in discussion.

Kent asked where are we on Sam Lake Fund.

Mike stated that there is roughly $800-$900 a month and is used for roof on garage on existing Fire Station; might have $8,000 to $9,000 but Mike wants to keep this fund for Sam Lake Building itself.

Mike and Kent then discussed the items needed for Sam Lake Building – safety door and new counter and that these items may cost a couple of thousand dollars.

Mike stated he would ask Jan to check how much is in Sam Lake Fund.

Ginger asked about replacing the foundation of the Sam Lake Building.

Mike said yes there are long-term plans for doing so.

Kent stated we have a total of $30,000 for fire doors of which we need $8,500 for a new water system; $2,800 for moving existing tank and extend grade and $1,400 for electrical work for the Sam Lake Building or a total of approximately $13,000, leaving $17,000. An additional $43,600 is left from available funds.

Mike stated may not be wise to spend $30,000 on fire doors and the Committee can take this to the Board of Selectmen.

Jeremy asked if there is a protocol we need to follow.

Mike stated can be informal; priorities have shifted, etc. and does the fire department agree. Must be defined within the warrant article.

Mike stated need to discuss with Fire Chief and Mike will then speak with the Board of Selectmen.

Beth asked about additional funding that might be available.

Kent stated there may be funds coming from LCHIP.

Kevin stated that we asked for $40,000 for LCHIP.

Beth asked what is additional cost of coming back later to complete the Town Hall addition after providing the ‘water-tight’ piece.

Steve stated not really anything as we have cut back on phone use, having an on-site construction trailer, etc.

Kent stated that LCHIP could be used only on existing Town Hall building and on the ramp costs included in the new addition. We won’t know until mid-February what monies LCHIP will provide.

Mike stated we need from Steve the cost of putting in ramp and Steve agreed to compose a letter and drop it off with Kent.

Kent stated that the Committee is going to meet with the three (3) department heads next Tuesday to review the plans for the new Life Safety Building. At that time, the Committee will discuss the issue of the fire doors. Steve agreed to attend the meeting.

The Chairman then discussed the two bids he received on the electrical work at the Sam Lake building. The lowest was $1,430 from Mr. Robinson. Capitol Well will move existing tank, extend grade and recheck new water flow rate for $2,800 and Second Wind will provide the new filtering system for $8,500. Kent asked for a vote on proceeding on this work. Charlie made motion to vote on work. Gordon seconded the motion. All approved the work as stated. There were no dissents.

Beth stated she had no good basis for judging work to be done on the Town Hall addition, but believes additional bids should be obtain.

Kent stated we have three (3) sets of plans and can get calls out to other general contracting firms for bids.

Beth stated she would feel better if we got other quotes.

Kent stated he will call other contractors tomorrow and Beth agreed to make copies of revised plans.

Kent asked if there were any other questions.

Kevin then asked about Robinson’s property.

Kent stated that Mr. Robinson accepted the Town’s offer to purchase the five (5) acres.

Beth stated that the Library people are feeling left out.

Ginger said they have felt this for a long time.

Beth stated that it is time we talk with them again.

Jeremy stated we need to have the Library Committee to talk with us.

Discussion ensued around Library Committee plans.

Ginger suggested asking Town what other building needs are desired.

Jeremy said that Eric is going to have several options to present to Town for existing Life Safety Building.

Mike stated the Committee needs to present two or three plans with options.

Discussion of possible library sites ensued.

Kent asked what is the drop-dead date for finishing the work of the committee and getting something on the warrant.

Mike stated he would discuss with Jim on Monday regarding warrant issues, but probably mid of January or early February.

Kent asked Beth to arrange Library Committee and anyone else that want to come and talk with this Committee on November 12.

Mike stated that meeting can be held upstairs at Sam Lake.

The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 8:50 p.m.


7:00 p.m., Tuesday, November 5, 2002 at Sam Lake House.

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