Canterbury, NH Building Needs Committee - 2001

Minutes of Meeting
– August 21, 2002–
(as reported by Secretary Billie Richert)



Meeting August 21, 2002 at 6:00 PM at Canterbury Town Hall


Kent Ruesswick, Chairman

Beth Blair
Kevin Bragg — Historical District Commission
Mike Capone — Selectmen representative
Charlie Cook
Bob Fife
Ken Jordan
Ginger LaPlante — Historical District Commission
Billie Richert
Jeremy Slayton
Ted West


Kent opened meeting by outlining two topics for tonight’s meeting: 1) discussion with SMP representatives the proposed changes to Town Hall; and 2) acquisition of Robinson’s property.

In addition to above attendees, the following individuals were present: Eric Paulson, president, and Chris Lizotte, architect, of Sheerr McCrystal Palson (SMP); Steve Atherton of Cobb Hill Construction, and Lucia Kitteridge, Land Use Planner for the Town. Kent introduced these individuals and then asked Eric to discuss the plans for Town Hall.

Eric distributed plans for the Town Hall addition and reviewed for the Committee the American Disability Act (ADA) requirements for accessibility. He described the dimensions of the interior and exterior ramps included in the plans. The exterior ramp would require increasing the grade so that the ramp is only one (1) foot off the ground at the high end. It would have a five (5) percent slope. Town would be responsible for shoveling path to porch for accessibility as required by ADA. Siding on the addition can be lower than existing building to show less concrete.

Eric also described the two options shown in the plans: 1) kitchen positioned between the women and men’s restrooms and 2) kitchen positioned next to the stage. ADA requires that doors of the restrooms swing out. The corridor running along the restrooms and kitchen is five (5) feet wide.

Eric then suggested that everyone go outside so he and Chris could stake the new addition to gain perspective on the proposed plan. During this it was noted that it might be necessary to move the septic tank so that it is at least ten (10) feet away from the foundation.

Afterwards discussion on the plans continued. Ginger suggested that the end of the porch at the top of the ramp be closed in and have a window for light. This would provide protection from the elements. Eric stated that this would be possible and suggested having fixed panes in window that can be removed in the summer.

The committee then discussed the look of the railings for the exterior ramp. ADA requires railings on both sides of the ramp. SMP presented two drawings, one with balusters and one without on the outside railing. Eric stated that railings do not have to be metal. The ramp itself could be concrete, which is costly but easier to maintain; or the ramp can be constructed with PVC, a composite, which requires no maintenance, weathers to gray and can have a wood grain look.

Kevin asked about the windows having energy panels. Eric stated that windows with energy panels would cost less than other alternatives. Discussion then ensued about when and how the Town Hall is heated. The committee discussed how the Town Hall is not always heated but that the addition will always be heated, preferably electrically. The hallway would be the same temperature as the main room. The addition should be completely insulated and possibly have a separate zone. SMP believes electric heat is best for this area.

Bob asked if original windows and doors being removed from back of Town Hall can be saved and used elsewhere and SMP said this can be done and suggested the use of simulated windows on the backside of the Town Hall.

The Chairman then asked for a vote on going forward with plans showing kitchen next to stage. There was a unanimous vote of approval for this.

Beth asked when does old part of Town Hall get repaired, painted, etc. to match new addition. Eric (SMP) suggested waiting and adding a separate line item to proposal for work required: sanding floors, painting, etc. Kent stated that we should leave this to later.

Kent then asked Steve (Cobb Hill) about including roof estimates in his total cost. Discussion on insulation for the roof ensued and Kent stated that any insulation must not be too heavy for ceiling.

Eric stated that Cobb Hill has enough information in the proposed plans to do a cost estimate for the Town Hall addition. The committee then asked Steve (Cobb Hill) to summarize the work to be included in his proposal: addition with slab; outside wall framed in; electric heat; kitchen plus two restrooms; stairs to basement plugged and moved to other side; move septic tank; import fill; move windows in back and reuse. For existing space, his cost proposal will include: repaint — inside and out; fire alarm system; roofing with _" plywood; insulation for attic and walls and sanding floor.

It was then briefly discussed about connecting the electric for Town Hall to one spot underground.

Eric asked about lead abatement and after discussion, Kent stated that this should be tested.

Eric then reviewed with the committee a sample plan for Town Center. This sample plan design maximizes pedestrian access and reduces amount of concrete. Parking requirements were discussed, including increased traffic on Sundays from church attendees. Eric stated that SMP will need topographic data and Kent stated he would ask Gordon about topography details he has.

Eric then asked if the Town wanted fire, police and highway department under one roof. The committee then discussed the issues of noise and accessibility of a new structure depending on final location. Fire station requires seven (7) bays and a total of 6,000 square feet. The committee discussed having an L-shape for the new Life Safety Building in an effort to reduce noise. Eric stated he would sketch ideas put forth and present to committee.

The attendees then took this opportunity to walk through the fire station and emergency building with SMP to gain an understanding of the existing structure and needs. After the walk through, Eric stated that he would present prototypes at the next meeting, September 4. These prototypes can then be presented to the department heads for feedback.

After SMP left the meeting, the committee discussed acquiring Mr. Robinson’s land and it was agreed that an offer would be made on the five (5) acres this weekend.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.



Wednesday, September 4, 2002, at Town Hall. This meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m.

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