Canterbury, NH Building Needs Committee - 2001

Minutes of Meeting
– August 14, 2002–
(as reported by Secretary Billie Richert)



Meeting August 14, 2002 at 7:00 PM at Canterbury Town Hall


Kent Ruesswick, Chairman

Kevin Bragg — Historical District Commission
Mike Capone — Selectmen representative
Charlie Cook
Bob Fife
Gordon Jackson
Ginger LaPlante — Historical District Commission
Billie Richert
Jeremy Slayton
Ted West


Kent stated that Sheerr McCrystal Palson (SMP) would come to next week’s meeting and would come as often as necessary during the project. The Committee agreed to wait until next week’s meeting to determine how often to meet with SMP.

Kent then reviewed with the committee his conversations with SMP about Mr. Robinson’s property. Kent walked the property with SMP and the architect felt that it would not be a problem building there. Architect wants to know wetlands in the Town Center’s existing and proposed property.

Gordon stated that the architect would need to get surveyor if he won’t accept plans he has.

Although Kent met with Mr. Robinson, a decision was not reached at all concerning the Town’s acquisition of the five (5) acres. Kent will go back next Sunday and attempt to get a dollar amount from Mr. Robinson.

Kent opened for discussion the budgeted numbers for the Town Hall project. Mike explained the total budget for Town Hall is $75,000. The $75,000 is comprised of $40,000 included in the original $80,000 warrant discussed in last week’s meeting; plus $35,000 appropriated two (2) years ago.

Mike explained that for the Committee’s budgeted numbers, $3,700 had been encumbered last year with $5,000 budgeted this year. To date, the Committee has spent $1,730, leaving a total left to spend of $6,970. Of this amount, it was approved in last week’s meeting that $2,000 would go towards the $12,000 cost of SMP’s work on the Town Center’s initial plan. The balance remaining for expenditure is $4,970.

Kent reviewed the work to be done on Town Hall: painting, roofing, heating, back stairs, and an addition. The back stairs are not needed if addition is done. The addition will have its own heating system and has a budgeted cost of $35,000. The work done to date has cost $31,449.92. It would cost an additional $2,600 to insulate the building.

The heating system needs to be hooked up for winter. The Committee needs to have someone look at the possibility of having two (2) zones for heating the Town Hall. There are two furnaces — one for the basement that has been disconnected; and one for upstairs. Currently, the basement is only used for storage.

Cost for the roof is $6,500 plus $2,600 if 1/2" thick plywood is used.

Kent said that SMP architect would take the drawings and develop plans for Town Hall without charge. Kent to get estimates and plans from architect for described work.

Kent asked Committee members to meet again next week at 6:00 p.m., on Wednesday, August 21, 2002.

Jeremy stated that he would get SMP proposal in electronic format to distribute along with last week’s minutes.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.



Wednesday, August 21, 2002, at Town Hall. This meeting will begin sharply at 6:00 p.m., an hour earlier than usual.

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