Canterbury, NH Building Needs Committee - 2001

Minutes of Meeting
– May 22, 2002–
(as reported by Secretary Jeremy Slayton)



Meeting May 22, 2002 at 7:00 PM at Canterbury Town Hall


Kent Ruesswick
Charlie Cook
Mike Capone - Selectmen representative
Gordon Jackson
Bob Fife
Jeremy Slayton
Ginger LaPlante - Historical District Commission
Ted West
Beth Blair

Steve Booth - Historic District Commission, Chairman

Secretary absent first hour of meeting due to Brush Fire call with the CVFD.


The committee discussed the designs for the Town Hall restoration/addition, and it became clear that before the renovation could go forward it would need to be approved at a public meeting with the Historic District Commission.

A June 4th - public hearing for the Historic District Commission to approve the recommended changes to be made to the Town Hall was planned.

The committee discussed the design of the ramp access for ADA, as well as the two bathrooms and service kitchen anticipated in the current plan.

Several members suggested that keeping the ramp inside means easier maintenance (not exposed to snow and ice), and that aesthetically it is lower impact than a ramp on the outside of the building.

Ted suggested grading up slightly outside the addition so that the entry level of the ramped access is at the top of the granite sill, instead of 16-18” lower. This might shorten the needed distance for the inside ramp, or decrease the pitch of same ramp.

An outside ramp was suggested to allow for greater use of the space INSIDE the addition.

Kent discussed the schedule for meeting with the department heads, and reported that most of the department heads had already arranged to meet with us. He would be working on those that had not yet responded.

Kent presented a memo from Chief Caswell concerning a fire alarm and sprinkler system that is recommended for the renovated Town Hall. Cost of the system is approximately $8000-$9000, and was not originally a part of the budgeted systems to be replaced. Chief Caswell will be meeting with the Selectmen in June to discuss his recommendation and plan for this system.

Committee agreed that a fire alarm/sprinkler system is necessary and that further information is needed concerning the design, cost and impact on the anticipated plan.


We are meeting at 6:30 PM June 5th, first with Police Chief Deurell, then with F.D. Chief Caswell at 7 PM, then with Church and Admin following thereafter.

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