Canterbury, NH Building Needs Committee - 2001

Minutes of Meeting
– May 8, 2002–
(as reported by Secretary Jeremy Slayton)



Meeting May 8, 2002 at 7:00 PM at Canterbury Town Hall


Kent Ruesswick
Charlie Cook
Mike Capone - Selectmen representative
Gordon Jackson
Bob Fife
Jeremy Slayton
Ginger LaPlante - Historical District Commission
Kevin Bragg - Historical District Commission

Bill Johnson - Allied Clearwater, LLC


Meeting began at 7 PM by meeting with Bill Johnson of Allied Clearwater, LLC to discuss what might be done about the Town’s water supply.

Bill noted high level of iron in our supply is not unusual for New England.

Suggested a two-tank switching 1800 gallon capacity (each tank) water softener. Fleck 9000 - US Filter. Ion exchange, Non- filtration.

Positives on this system are that it requires minimal onsite maintenance, and that capacity is not too big for shallow well, but not too small if a drilled well is used (to get higher actual capacity).

Switching system provides 1800 gallons per tank before switching to second tank. Second tank can regenerate in 90-minutes.

Add salt twice a year, at a cost of $50-100/year for salt used.

15-20 year life expectancy for system (question posed by Bob Fife). Seals and spacers can be replaced. 10 year warranty (fiberglass and salt tanks) 3-year mechanical parts, 1 year labor.

Total cost of proposal (including all parts and labor) is $1900.

There was some discussion of whether a filtration system is needed since one company (Second Wind Environmental) reported finding solids, and the other (Allied Clearwater, LLC) reported NOT finding solids.

The Second Wind system was reported to be a commercial system, where the Allied Clearwater, LLC system is a light commercial/heavy residential system.

It was suggested that we get a clarifying quote from Bill Johnson to show what a combined filtration/softener system (comparable to the Second Wind System) would cost. Also, is there any price savings of doing it all at once versus adding filtration later if necessary.

Bob asked who provides the service for the elementary school. No one knew answer. Suggested we should check before making a decision.

Kent presented for comments both a proposed meeting schedule for the CBNC for the remainder of the year, plus an invitation letter to the department heads (fire and police).

Discussed where and how to engage architects and structural engineer to provides plans for town buildings in an effort to derive accurate cost figures for each building.

Kent passed around a letter from Bob Pollock summarizing his understanding from his last meeting with us.

The committee reviewed the two bids received for electrical work on the Town Hall. After discussion of the two bids, the committee voted unanimously to recommend to the selectmen the lower of the two bids.


We are meeting again in two weeks time, at 7 PM. (May 22, 2002)

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