Canterbury, NH Building Needs Committee - 2001

Minutes of Meeting
– March 27, 2002–
(as reported by Secretary Jeremy Slayton)



Meeting March 27, 2002 at 7:00 PM at Sam Lake House


Kent Ruesswick
Charles Cook
Gordon Jackson
Bob Fife
Beth Blair
Jeremy Slayton
Mike Capone – Selectmen Representative
Ted West


CBNC Meeting, 1st after Town Meeting of March 17, 2002.

(At the town meeting the new Library at the Elkins site was voted DOWN, and did not pass. Finds for the restoration/renovation of the Town Hall and other town buildings were APPROVED. See town report for full description of projects for which the funding was approved.)

Kent spoke about the joint meeting between the Selectmen, Library building committee, and CBNC representatives.

Ted reported that as a participant, his observation was that many differing views were presented, some strongly for keeping the library plan at the current location, others were more flexible.

Beth suggested better publicizing our continuing work throught the Church Newsletter, in hopes of keepings townspeople involved in the activities of our committee and ongoing work.

Kent asked how committee members felt about where the library should go at this point, and whether we are in consensus about the Sam Lake Site being preferable to the current Elkins location.

Beth felt that we should certainly consider it (the SL site), but that many loose ends need to be resolved before we go before the town again... such as, what to do with the current Elkins building. Also, we need to do a better job of explaining to the community why we are recommending what we do.

Gordon feels that the SL site would be the best location, but we would need to create a preliminary plan.

Ted felt that he would support the most viable plan, irrespective of location.

Charlie continues to believe that the SL site is preferred, but believes we need to make a concerted effort to get everyone working together.

Jeremy’s preferred location is the SL site, but that we should do our best to find the most viable site, and do so with the support of the Library committee. The town needs a new library, and we should act diligently to develop a practical plan that would allow for it’s creation in a timely fashion.

Kent is in support of the Library at the SL site.

Kent suggested inviting Bob Pollack back to discuss a town plan including a library structure at the Sam Lake site. He also recommended that the CBNC continue to meet Wednesdays on these plans.

The committee discussed concerns relating to the repairs of the Town Hall, including approving a contractor to begin the lowering of the building. Suggestion was made to contact parties that make use of the Town Hall on a regular basis, to assess what inconveniences will result from the renovation work. Cub scouts and Canterbury Fair identified, depending on time of year the work is done.

Gordon asked if electrical service for town building could be routed underground.

Kent raised the issue of how the town will be treating the shared water supply. Discussion of approaches to this problem ensued.

Kent suggested meeting in two weeks with Bob Pollack, and in four weeks with two different water system companies.


Next meeting in two weeks Town Hall, at 7 PM, April 10th, 2002

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