Canterbury, NH Building Needs Committee - 2001

Minutes of Meeting
– February 27, 2002 –
(as reported by acting Secretary Ken Jordan)



A meeting of the Canterbury Building Needs Committee was held Feb. 27, 2002 in the meeting room of the Sam Lake House. Present were Kent Ruesswick, Chairman, Charles Cook, Robert Fife, Gordon Jackson, Jeremy Slayton and Ken Jordan from the committee; Mike Capone, Selectman, and Robert Pollock, Landscape Architect/Planner to make a presentation. The meeting began at 7:00 PM.

Mr. Pollock displayed a scale drawing of the center showing the roads and buildings under discussion. He presented background on the different areas of the center and their current or proposed uses. A review and analysis report prepared by Mr. Pollock was distributed to each member. Using a transparent overlay on the drawing he demonstrated the many traffic movements that were created in and out of the center. This overlay also noted a blind spot for any traffic entering Hackleboro Rd. from the North side of the fire pond. The potential for congestion and poor vision at Old Tilton Rd. and Center Rd. was also displayed. Mr. Pollock noted that the vegetation at the Gazebo and on the Village green needs redesign, with the Spruce tree being in the wrong location for maximum effect and plantings at the gazebo becoming oversized.

A second overlay displayed Mr. Pollock’s initial concepts for an alternate plan for parking and traffic direction in the center. 20 parking spaces would be created between the green and the store with access from Hackleboro Rd. There would be no through traffic from Hackleboro Rd. across the parking lot and out onto Center Rd. 5 or 6 handicapped/elderly parking spaces would be created across from the Town Hall entrance, and 29 spaces would be created in the area of the current town garage. After discussion amongst the members and Mr. Pollock it was determined that it might be advisable to have a 12’ wide road traveling one way from Center Rd. into the parking lot.

There was discussion of the need for parking at the Parish House, especially in light of the day care center creating traffic involving young children. There could be an additional area of parking created behind the Sam Lake house. The area around the fire pond was discussed. Access vs. fencing could be addressed by having most of the pond fenced and flattening a portion of the westerly side for access at a nearly level approach.

The layout and composition of various walkways and a means of ongoing maintenance of the landscaping was discussed. It was noted that at points where walkways intersected either with other walkways or a roadway they be designed as "destination points". This would entail a slightly broadened area containing plantings and possibly a bench for seating. The effect would be to make the intersections more visible and a place for meeting and visiting.

The committee instructed Mr. Pollock to develop the discussion items further and it was determined to hold another meeting after Town Meeting. The committee adjourned at 9:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Ken Jordan, acting secretary.

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