Canterbury, NH Building Needs Committee - 2001

Minutes of Meeting
– September 5, 2001 –
(as reported by Beth Blair)



Meeting September 5, 2001 at 7:00 PM at Canterbury Town Hall


Kent Ruesswick
Bob Fife
Charlie Cook
Mike Capone – Selectman Representative
Ted West
Ken Jordan
Beth Blair
Jeremy Slayton
Gordon Jackson
Howard Teaf - community member observer

Meeting began at 7 PM

Kent got a figure from Phil Stone of approximately $10,000 to re-do Creamery Road to make a better access for the fire station.

Ted West presents report from architect (Tom Wallace?) on what it might cost to turn current town garage into new library.

NOTE: Ted adjusted figures to match the per square ft. cost of most recent plan to renovate Elkins library, since cost per sq. ft of new building has gone up since the Library expansion plan was presented at last Town Meeting.

With adjusted figures, the cost to put library in town garage would be approx. $694,000, while the cost to renovate the current library $750,000. Less than a 10% difference. Plus town still needs to maintain the old Elkins library if library moves.

"Capping the Landfill" Update

$38,000 in fund for transfer station, as they are currently designated, cannot be used for exploratory testing at the dump. Would need to have a vote at Town Meeting for warrant article to reassign money for that purpose. So the funds wouldn’t be available till 2002.

D.E.S says "informally" that we shouldn’t plan any building at the dump until we have an approved plan for capping the landfill. DES "strongly" recommends that we not build till we know. DES says it is their intent to cap all landfills by 2010.

Preliminary estimates: $30,000 to $60,000 for the engineering study of the site. This does not include any $ for the actual work to do the cap.

Depending on what shows up, it could be an additional $200,000 to $300,000 to actually cap the landfill.

There are federal programs available to help pay for mandatory capping. 20% matching from government on capping only, not the engineering study.

Land Acquisition Update:

Mike says the selectment have not pursued land acquisition at this time. Didn’t want too many "bees buzzing around the hive" since we first have to deal with the capping issue. Want to get a better grip on what DES wants to do before they start trying to buy or trade for extra land. Once we know what the landfill cap entails…

CBNC needs to start planning on how to actually structure getting the money for our plan, since money that might need to be spent to bring the plan to life could run into the millions. Want to be able to plan so that the tax burden is spread out over time, not a series of big tax increases.

Tentative cost for CBNC plan:

Library $750,000 (renovation or at town garage)
Engineering Study of Landfill $40,000
Cap Dump $300,000
Life Safety Building $400,000
Creamery Road upgrade $40,000
Public Works Building $400,000


The next meeting will be in two weeks, on 9/19/01 at 7 PM at Canterbury Town Hall.

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