Canterbury, NH Building Needs Committee - 2001

Minutes of Meeting
– August 8, 2001 –
(as reported by Secretary Jeremy Slayton)



Meeting August 8, 2001 at 7:00 PM at Canterbury Town Hall


Jeremy Slayton
Kent Ruesswick
Jim Bassett – Selectman Representative
Gordon Jackson
Beth Blair
Ken Jordan
Ted West

Meeting at 7PM at Town Hall

Discussion began with the general closing consensus from the prior meeting that the Dump site would be preferable over the Exit 18 for the location of the new Maintenance building (which was seen as a major priority in terms of getting it out of the center to free up space for other more appropriate buildings… Library, police, F.D, etc).

Immediate discussion focussed on the possibility of purchasing land adjacent to the town dump to expand the available space for new construction.

Jim Bassett reported that the town selectman had discussed the idea, and were in support of it if test borings on the town’s current property indicated that construction on it and te new property would be feasible.

Land under consideration is that on the West side of the entrance to the dump which is currently privately owned.

Kent provided his priority list for work to be completed as he sees it.

He suggested that the community might be able to handle an additional $50,000 annually.

Kent suggested that new maintencance building would be constructed of poured cement (forms).

Ken suggested that one present the construction of the library as an imperative that requires the relocation of the maintenance building to the dump. That way the impetus for moving the "less sexy" maintenance building to the dump would be the creation of the more attractive library in the center.
Discussion was made as to the importance of working with the Library committee to gain their support for whatever plan the CBNC comes up with. Without mutual support, neither committee stands a very good chance of gathering the greater community’support.

Question was raised as to what would be the committee’s plan if the library were to be built at it’s current location.

Suggestion was made that even in the short term the current Maintenance building could be converted to new/increased space for the police and fire departments. The preference being that access road not cut through the center of town in terms of traffic flow. Prefer to make current "lot" back into "green" in the center.

Suggestion made that we ask to meet with the Library committee before further exploring architectural plans. Group agrees that we will try to do this next week,
Concern is made that if new library is built in Center (maintenance building lot), what will be done with the current library building.

o Used by historical socierty and/or school for special presentations and meetings.
o Leased to low-impact professional business (Real estate, art gallery, other)

Interest in determining what other building needs can be addressed outside of the library/ maintenance building project.

Decided to proceed with potential purchase of land adjacent to the dump concurrent with the undertaking of borings at the dump site to determine "buildability" of the site for maintenance building. Selectmen will discuss best method for proceeding with the exploration of the land purchase. Money for borings will used from capital reserve fund set up for related issues at the dump.

Suggested that a committee member speak with Phil Stone about item #6 on Kent’s list (Rebuild Creamery Road, build access road beside museum, access road around backside of pond.) Kent will do this.

Kent will provide Estimate on cost of improvements to the Sam Lake House.


The next meeting will be in one week, on 8/15/01 at 7 PM at Canterbury Elkins Library meeting with the Library Building Committee.

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