Canterbury, NH Building Needs Committee - 2001

Minutes of Meeting
– July 11, 2001 –
(as reported by Secretary Jeremy Slayton)



Meeting July 11, 2001 at 7:00 PM at Canterbury Town Offices (Sam Lake House)


Jeremy Slayton
Kent Ruesswick
Bob Fife
Beth Blair
Gordon Jackson
Ted West

Frank Tupper – Selectman Representative
Jim Bassett – Selectman Representative
Mike Capone – Selectman Representative

Meeting at 7PM at Town Hall

Group gathered at the Sam Lake House around big table.

Mike Capone presented his note that e prepared as an overview of the Selectmen’s issues for the Town Offices.

A detailing of Mike’s notes are available here.

Town Clerk/Tax collector Office
a. Exterior Exit door: necessary for safe egress for employees (none currently present).
b. Wider Service Counter
c. Countertop work space for printers and computers

Selectman’s Office
a. Built-in shelving in second floor rooms
b. Fix up some of the space upsatirs for additional work space.

Gordon asked what kind of weight the second floor can handle?

No consensus was agreed at… though registered as a legitimate concern.

Kent asked if Selctmen side 2nd floor is needed for storage. If Sam Lake "spillover meeting room" was used for storage, the town Hall might be renovated and winterized to be more useful as a larger meeting place.

Beth asked if there is a strategic benefit to having meeting rooms in Town Office (ie. Maps and other records available if needed during planning meetings). Consensus of selectmen was that records were rarely needed during the course of meetings.

Beth asked if records in building are required to be stored in FireProof rooms or safe. Mike did not have hard answer, but said that critical info (financial, etc.) is already stored in fire-proof safe.

It was suggested that we look into some type of early detection fire alarm system for town offices. An insurance rate reduction might offset the cost of installing the alarm system.

Selectmen do not feel additional space is needed at facility. Extra demand on town office staff can be made up by increasing staffing hours, rather than by adding employees (and resultant building workspace).

Do have problems with skunks and snakes that they are trying to address with chicken wire around foundation.

Kent asked if the open foundation didn’t cause the offices to get cold in the winters with the wind blowing through.

Also suggested that if historical society stuff was not stored in basement that they might be able to reclaim it for additional town office storage.

Mike said that they have in the past had issues with leaky roofs.

Gordon asked "how big the selectmen thought the town offices would [need to] be in 15-20 years". Mike said he really didn’t know. There is adequate space up and out to add on to the building if necessary.

Kent asked, "Is there money in the Sam Lake trust?" Mike said it needed to be built up since it has been recently depleted by the septic project. Perhaps $3000-$4000 currently in the trust fund, according to Frank Tupper.

Kent suggested that the shed behind the Town Offices might be moved down hill to the police station to be used as garage(?) for Police department.

Septic system was recently pumped and seems to be okay, though the baffles are slightly damaged.
Issue was raised about potability of water serving town offices, as well as potential issues with the damage to the plumbing system that may result from continuing to use acid or hard water.

Groups that regularly meet in the Sam Lake House:

Town Offices – 17 hours over three days
Selecten Offices – 12 hours over three days
Conservation Commission – once monthly
Selectmen - twice a month
Planning Board twice monthly
Economic Development – whenever
Recycling Committee – Whenever
Supervisors of the checklist (voting) - whenever
Zoning Board of adjustment
Budget Committee – twice a year (December-January)
Building Inspector – no space currently



The next meeting will be in two weeks, on 7/25/01 at 7 PM at Canterbury Town Hall, and it is suggested that we bring together ideas for what we’d like to do with the buildings based on the information we’ve gathered so far.

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