Canterbury, NH Building Needs Committee - 2001

Minutes of Meeting
– May 16, 2001 –
(as reported by Secretary Jeremy Slayton)



Meeting May 16, 2001 at 7:00 PM at Canterbury Volunteer Fire Department


Ken Jordan
Charles Cook
Anne Weger
Ted West
Bob Fife
Kent Ruesswick
Jeremy Slayton
Chief Dale Caswell – Canterbury Fire Chief

Fire Chief Dale Caswell Reported to CBNC

Dale presented his perceived needs for the Fire Station based on his research of other neighboring Fire Stations in addition to research done online and through other resources available to fire department personnel.

Photos of several other neighboring community fire stations were passed around. They are available in "Supplemental Materials" here.

See notes from chief Caswelll as provided in handout. (These will eventually be available online)


Emergency management Center
Meeting/Training/Community Room
Small Kitchen
Shower/Laundry/Restroom (gender neutral)/Rehabilitation area*
Mechanical Room
Lockable Storage Room
Shared Office Space
Apparatus Bay – Trucks, Engines, etc.
Sleeping Quarters (gender neutral)*
*required in non-volunteer departments

Current square footage of facility: approximately 2880 Square Feet
Proposed Square footage: 9250 Square Feet

Shower/laundry necessary because of hazardous materials that are often encountered on calls, fuel spills, chemical extinguishers, etc.

Exhaust fumes (from trucks) must be vented in all new buildings.

Also, if station used for public access, must meet all federal ADA standards for bathrooms, access and egress.

Strong advantage to having all station facilities in same building. Needs of work almost require it since personnel must have easy access to all equipment.

Some of the information in Dale’s report is reflected in "A plan for tomorrow" where the needs had been presented to the Canterbury Planning Board.

Dale’s plan and needs are based on a crew of six firefighters working in shifts.

Dale believes the figure of 9250 feet is not too big, but may be too expensive.

Considered locations for "new" facilities include current location (plus maintenance building), or perhaps up by Sam lake house beside/behind the fire pond.

Existing building would be leveled and new building from all new construction.

No federal or state grants/funds available for contruction of community fire departments according to Dale’s information.

Webster FD hired architect for $4000-$5000 to draw up plans based on unique needs of Fire Stations.


Next weeks meeting will start 5/22/01 at 7 PM at town garage or town Hall with Phil Stone and Heidi Hutchinson of the recycling committee. Following that meeting it is proposed that we move to a bi-weekly schedule for CBNC meetings.

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